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Jan. 20th, 2007 at 6:44 PM
( there are joined here 2 Blogs............scroll down to All evil in the World to not know how this happened...God Bless you
I will tell you of my prophetic words & visions leading to last days. First filling you in on What God has in the past told me & shown to me, so you can clearly SEE ;YES , God does speak & YES it comes to pass.
******Back in my early 30's as I would fall asleep at night, I would hear seemed like millions of babies crying in the woods and; I could never find them. It was so heart breaking to me, after a month of this I prayed to God to please take the night vision away and He did.

****** In the year 2,000 I saw and; heard a vision of 911 , one year to the day before it happened, and all I could do was pray, at that same time,
****** God told me,((( all the babies I heard crying in the woods were millions of murdered unborn babies in their mother's wombs, and now the revelation how they are all in heaven and have learned about Jesus' Crucifixion and; they Love and; worship Him,These babies take up the space of a SKY!! ****The Devil can kill the body but not the soul. These babies grow up , they do not remain as babies.(everybody appears as they are all age 30/and When Christ will come for us, He brings with Him all the Saints gone on before us, the babies are also part of His Body .The Bride,the Church,Will come with Him also !!!
   I am first telling words/visions/words of revelations first,before Last day words,so you can see how God does speak and; how what He says does come to be. Lev.17:11 Life is in the Blood.
........Lev.18:1-27 sacrifice of babies is nothing new, and an abomination to God, millions of babies are killed in the USA ea year,Their Blood has defiled the land and cries out to God.Psalm127:3.all children are a heritage of the Lord..........Ex.21:22 if anyone causes the fruit of the womb to depart (life for life)it is a living Soul recognized by God.
           In 1996 ,in a Night Vision;God spoke into my spirit all night long,what to say in church the next day.gave to me a Guy sitting to my right(center row)3 pews down and; a song Hosannah,when the church sang Hosannah,HolySpirit said, speak it now,as the Pastor entered the platform I stood up and; spoke the Word as God has instructed me to do, saying to Harvest Temple Church in Largo,Fla,Pastor Dale Denham;
 (Word)     God said,many miracles will take place right here in this church,many people will come here from everywhere , there will be so many people, you will have to enlarge the church, a House of Prayer was called for, God said, He was placing healing in his hands, as I said those words , his hands glowed gold.(the guy He gave to me to my R (ctr. row,turned and looked at me, and; I sat down!!).( I guess,otherwise,I would have gone on into a preach mode!!God knows us better then we know ourselves
    ....3 years later;God said, call and; check on the Word, so I did, and all had been fulfilled,many miracles,enlarged church,International House of Prayer and; I went down to see for my self and; saw the prophecy in action and that day Pastor Denham was leaving to go to a healing seminar.

...............Jesus and; I were standing in Largo,Fla.facing North(night vision)3 balls fell from heaven,1st NE from us,2nd NW from usstood, the 3rd almost hit me, and landed a little SW from where we stood.Long stories short...There were3 Major storms in Florida exactly where the 3 balls had fallen,and many died in those storms, the one that almost hit me, was 2 streets behind me to the W.a lot of destruction(in a night vision;
.........prior to this one,an angel was squeezing my head so hard, I partly awoke,as I did, I knew to move my arm as a huge black demon passed from me and; right on out of the house(I knew in my spirit the demon had possessed me when I had gone to a psychic after my son had died, when you consult the dead ask of the dead, you will be possessed ( called having a familiar spirit as I fell back to sleep, the angel kept saying over *and; over Don't go to Florida I moved and figured because I had moved, the warning no longer applied, so we were packed and; going to Fla.******* in a Night Vision, God came and; spoke into my spirit to read Psalm 137 (all about tears,grief , it was apparent God did not want me to go to Fla, and I ignored His warnings and; went anyway............Nothing was the same ,and we were sorry we went...I even grieved that things had changed so.
....... Then coming back from Florida,95N in S Carolina, the car overheated. We were in the outside lane going 65mph, needle all the way to the top,no steering wheel,no brakes,no gas pedal; I cried GOD help us(my elderly friend and; young grandson)to get off the highway so we will be safe. I just turned into the inside lane(pretty good huh, w. the wheel frozen !!)continued along at 65 mph for a long way, if you know S Carolina, exits are few and; far (especially,when you need one. After a while , finally an exit, and I turned off at 65mph I saw a stop sign and; a lot of speeding traffic,I cried GOD LOOK, A STOP SIGN.......    and; lots of traffic. The car came to a sudden STOP right at the stop sign. The car was DEAD.
     you can see by this story, always listen to the voice of the Lord, don't be defiant. He warns us for a reason. Another time coming back from Fla. my Step Dad had died,My grandson was up here with his mother, I was alone, just me and; my dog..God spoke to me saying,register your car down here and  pay your insurance here, I said "NO" I want everything NY, I hated Fla and; wanted no part of it which meant no Fla registration or insurance !!!WELL< class="snap_shots" href=""> (My AIM profile page is Lady4Emmanueljournals / griam/ also or You can e-mail me or Let's talk!!! I will be very happy to answer your questions & help in anyway that I can.

     Ahmadnejad ,the leader of Iran , said, he is under divine command from allah to bring about the end time war ,to hasten the coming of THEIR MESSIAH, who will destroy us & Israel (all who will not convert to Islam)and will save them....BE AWARE HERE........they want to be in control of the entire World, You have heard of One world Religion?(last days) One world Govt. (last days)(He says this will happen the end of March) BEWARE of last days leading to ARMAGEDDON, do not be left behind, do NOT be caught DEAD with out Christ as your Savior. Israel is looking for her Messiah(not Jesus) but another Messiah, so they too will be deceived by Anti Christ.and there is a Messianic presence in Iran!!!!!! ( THINK) ........Pray for Israel ,we know 144,000 will be saved during Great Tribulation(after we are gone (The Church,Bride)1Thess.4:16,17 & Rev.3:10 these are not just saved out of Israel alone, NOW I want you to SEE with your spiritual eyes,not to look at the physical.........SEE, do not just observe the physical........God says in His Word, many are in israel and are not of Israel or are not Israel,,,,,now lets examine Rom.2:28,29 a True Jew is one inwardly & not outwardly!!!circumcision is of the HEART and not of the flesh(Born again Bible believing Christians abiding in Christ , have crucified their flesh(dying to all lusts & desires of the flesh ,dead to this world alive unto God in Christ......(True Jews inwardly)I am pointing out the spirutal Word of God to you.,so you can SEE & not OBSERVE. Just look w. your physical eyes.SO you can see Israel belongs to God in Christ Jesus!!! same as Physical jerusalem is in bondage to the Law while New Jerusalem from above (2peter3:3-13 )and Rev.21&22;which is spiritual not Physical. Same as the Law became spirutal (new covenant written in our hearts & minds)born again believers in Christ. Same as the old test Temple is physical, while the new Test Temple is all born again believers in Christ 1Cor.3:16 we are the temple of God & He dwells in us.....The temple will be rebuilt....BUT it is for an end time sign............ALL who will come to believe & receive Jesus Christ , will be saved.Out of all nations ( sinners are (THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL), which are Gentiles, lost sinners in this World without Christ,EVERYWHERE.(ISRAEL IS GOD'S TIME CLOCK!!EVERYTHING SPOKEN BY GOD HAPPENS THERE 1ST AND FOR A SIGN!!!!SPIRITUAL SIGN A SPIRITUAL REVELATION HERE.(all who will come to believe & be born again in Christ John3:3 & Eph.1:7 & Rev.3:20 will be saved EVERYWHERE!! Look at 1Peter2:SEE v.9 WE are a Chosen Generation, a royal Priesthood,a Holy Nation,we offer up sacrifices of praise for He has brought us out of darkmess into the LIGHT of HIS SON,Jesus Christ. This is to get your eyes off the physical , unto SOULS (Life) unto Christ, unto the Spiritual and NOT the Physical. ********* In a Night Vision Christmas Eve '06 , was an angel bowing down towards our convoy going into Iraq,arms outstreatched towards the convoy & he was crying so hard his face was all squenched up,as I woke up, I felt all this sadness, & I was crying,it was so bad I inquired of God,WHAT DID THE VISION MEAN? What came up from my Spirit (STOP ,GO BACK, YOU ALREADY HAVE GONE TOO FAR.) GOD BROUGHT TO MY MEMORY THOUSANDS RUNNING ON FIRE,SKIN FALLING OFF ( NUCLEAR) SO IN MY SPIRIT , I feel as we go into Iraq, our guys may meet up w, Nuclear Holocoust. ***God has pointed out to me, things are changing for our nation...There is a presence in our nation who will cause gay marriages to be allowed, allow Partial Birth abortion, and open up the boarders.We are Living in dangerous times I TELL YOU,GOD said, and the World will be in SHOCK..............any more men going to Iraq is suicide, we never ignore angelic warnings. THE OUTCOME IS DEEPLY SORROWFUL.(The Vision was Black & White(Not Good) and was lit up White(Not Good & a sure true vision) God said, Syria is a snake,Russia the head, the Arab nations , the body, that there lies the abyss*****Israel is MORE then Prepared, Iran does not know if she is or not & just is not sure what to do or not to do.....................God is in Control..............Israel will strike Iran, Even the EU is in danger of Iran's threats. I saw that the very men sent to prevent any outbreaks of war between Israel & Hezbollah are Israel's enemies & are right in position to turn on her like a snake. These are the Most dangerous times EVER Before in OUR Nations History I am fully in agreement with a dear Bro in Christ ,Time is running out, there is not much time left at all. TODAY IS THE DAY OF SALVATION,TOMORROW MAY BE TOO LATE,GOD COULD REQUIRE YOUR SOUL THIS VERY NIGHT & WITHOUT CHRIST AS YOUR SAVIOR JOHN3:3, YOU WILL NOT SEE HEAVEN,BUT HELL,GET RIGHT WITH GOD BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.Contact me and you can leave comments on tbis page as well.
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